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The ETSI IoT Week - an extension of our highly successful M2M Workshop series - has become the must-attend for anyone involved in IoT solutions, who appreciates the power and value of the standards-enabled technologies. Whether you are working in IoT standards management, technology roadmap & planning/development, or are 'simply' an IoT user and follower, this event needs to be firmly placed in your calendar.
The 2017 edition of the ETSI IoT Week is scheduled to take place on 23-26 October 2017. Save the date!

Focus on interoperability and interworking

IoT is the combination of multiple technologies and solutions, where things share information among each other to build IoT services that are consumed by things and humans and, in some cases, by other living things like animals and plants.Interoperability and interworking will be the focus of the workshop, with particular attention to the security and semantic interoperability provided by the standards that have the mission of "gluing" all the different technologies used by IoT.

Areas of interest for this event include, but are not limited to:
IoT service implementations from pilots, innovation and research projects (e.g. the EU Large Scale Pilots), in the areas of Smart Cities, Industrial Applications, Aging Well, Smart agriculture, Smart Energy, Wearables, Smart Appliances, Cooperative and Connected Mobility , etc.
Feedback from major associations (e.g. AIOTI, IIC, Industry 4.0, W3C WoT, etc)
Status and results from open source IoT projects
Feedback from oneM2M implementations around the globe
Any research activity in the area of semantic and ontology-based interoperability
Standards updates on IoT services enabling technologies (e.g. oneM2M and ETSI TC SmartM2M, ISG CIM, etc.)
Standards updates on IoT enabling communication technologies (e.g. 3GPP NB-IoT and 5G)
Tutorials on oneM2M and its open source implementations
oneM2M showcases


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